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Proofs – Escaping Print Media

This post is prompted by irritation and, dare I say, love – irritation at reading to understand yet another drab mathematical proof and love for the FORTH programming language as a thinking tool. My problem with proofs in print media … Continue reading

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The Joy of Explaining

I always review my lecture notes the day before I cover the material.  Besides simply re-familiarizing myself with the topic, I get to sleep on it.  When I wake up the next morning or possibly in the middle of the … Continue reading

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So Right On I Wanted to Shout

Kate Nonesuch’s post Neither Kind or Patient made me want to shout or cry. No comment I could make would do it justice.  Incisive wisdom about teaching.  Go read it.

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Good Teachers Have More Than One Model

When students seem hesitant to ask questions in class or come to my office, I often say, “Please ask me questions.  Every question you ask makes me a better teacher and I want to be a better teacher.” A student came by … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with MOOCs

MOOC’s are massive open online courses.  Read about them here.  The premise of this post is that what’s wrong with MOOCs is the same thing that is wrong with the current lecture – homework – test – final model of … Continue reading

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