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Do We Really Need Fraction Bars?

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I Love Math – And It Makes Me Glad

I love the game of Go, I love golf, I love my wife, I love teaching, and I love math – and this makes me glad. Eight years ago, I ended that sentence with the word, “sad.”  Eight years of … Continue reading

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Intellectual Load – The Student Experience

“Intellectual load” as applied to website design refers to the  extraneous thinking and decision-making caused by poorly organized, inconsistent web page layout and functionality. I would like to apply this concept to the college student experience.  I  extend the definition … Continue reading

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Elementary Statistics – Somebody Do Something, Please

The traditional college-level elementary statistics for non-majors course needs a big change.  p-value reasoning should be replaced with Bayesian models.  The class, call it Stat 101, is the only contact with data analysis methods that most college students will ever … Continue reading

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My Worries

I worry that I sometimes waste my students’ time.  I know the standard lower levels of our math curriculum have antiquated parts. I need to  devise ways of delivering this required material in a modern context. I worry that my … Continue reading

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Bang for the Faculty Buck

As part of strategic planning, we are having discussions on campus about what our (college faculty’s) work will look in twenty years. One exercise was to list the percentage of time spent among various tasks. For many of us the … Continue reading

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Non-conscious Deep Work

I enjoy visiting the Study Hacks blog.  Its author, Cal Newport, writes about organizing one’s tasks with emphasis on doing the deep work required of a college professor, in his case, proving theorems and writing papers.  His latest book is, … Continue reading

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