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A Liberal Education – Part II -Thinking Tools

The set of thinking tools that a classical liberal arts education provides is unnecessarily restricted. I attempted to  expand the list in my letter to Stanford.  (For context see my previous post.) My list has some obvious tools that are not part … Continue reading

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A Programming Course or a Geometry Course

This is a comment I wrote on this cool blog – Quomodocumque. Arguing for the replacement of a classical Euclidean plane geometry course with a beginning programming course requires attention to issues of collateral learning.  Both writing effective programs and … Continue reading

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It is Impossible to trisect an angle of 60 degrees. So What?

The book New First Course in the Theory of Equations by L.E. Dickson has a proof that it is impossible to trisect a 60° angle with just a compass and unmarked straight edge.  From this fact Dickson uses this cool … Continue reading

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A Liberal Education – Part I – What Did a Student Do in College?

I had occasion to revisit a letter I wrote to Stanford University as it was considering changing the undergraduate curriculum.  The letter can be found here and at the end of this post.  I previously commented on  it here.  This … Continue reading

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