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Elementary Statistics – Somebody Do Something, Please

The traditional college-level elementary statistics for non-majors course needs a big change.  p-value reasoning should be replaced with Bayesian models.  The class, call it Stat 101, is the only contact with data analysis methods that most college students will ever … Continue reading

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Creativity Conference – Meta-Comments

Two thoughts from our Creativity Conference. One: U.S. academics are shaken by the current political situation.  They are looking to their research for solace, hope, and/or solutions.  Creativity as it relates to wisdom and ethics is now a hot topic.  … Continue reading

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Creativity Conference – What I Learned

The Creativity Conference was held here at SOU last Friday through Monday.   I started out, a naif, knowing nothing about how to think about creativity or how to measure it.  Here is what I learned. Creativity can be taught. Creativity can … Continue reading

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Creativity May Run Out of Resources

I am at a Creativity conference here in Ashland, Oregon.  In the first talk, Giovanni Corazza discussed the Dynamic Universal Creativity Process (DUCP).  He argued that evolution (creation) was growing super-exponentially and made a call for more creators and more … Continue reading

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