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Modulo 7

A week or two ago I noticed some students in the math lounge solving these type of equations and . Abstract algebra is above my pay grade but I spent a couple of lunch hours exploring equations . If we … Continue reading

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Follow the Money

To make sense of almost any human endeavor examine the reward system – follow the money. Health care, politics, college sports, you name it – the knowledge of who is getting what to do what,  explains a lot.  However prospects … Continue reading

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My Favorite Formula

If I had to pick a favorite formula, it would where stands for the area of a polygon with vertex coordinates in order .  The absolute value sign can be omitted if the inside of the polygon is kept to … Continue reading

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Carrying On the World’s Business

This description of Menenius Agrippa, “friend of Coriolanus,” captures my feelings about certain students and colleagues and for that matter many people I know. He stands out, as a sort of Prince Hohenstiel-Schwangau, one of those who endeavor, in the … Continue reading

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