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Rate of Change without the S-word

A senior capstone presentation on  Oregon math standards for rate of change and slope got me thinking.  At the end of the talk I commented that the concept of rate of change is not dependent on the concept of slope … Continue reading

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“What Did the Zero Say to the Eight?” and Others

Someone got to this site using the question “What did zero say to the eight?”  I have no idea how or why.  In order to retrofit history, here is the answer to that question and others that I made up … Continue reading

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Killing Time Taking Square Roots

My attention was wandering at some meeting or other so I started taking the square root of 6 by hand.  Nothing like an arithmetic algorithm to occupy empty time and keep me calm.  I chose six because it gave me … Continue reading

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A Linearity Survey – Will It Work?

I know my students have trouble with deciding which operations are linear and which operations are not linear.  I am thinking about using a survey like the one on fractions that I have described here.  Here is a possible worksheet. … Continue reading

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