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Did I Have a Mean Mom?

We always made our beds.  We always said, “May I be excused?” before leaving the kitchen table.  We produced spotlessly clean windows and trimmed all the edges when we mowed the lawn.  Our mother set a standard and we attempted … Continue reading

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Instruction versus Teaching

In a post on Devlin’s Angle, Dr. Keith Devlin differentiates between “instruction/training and teaching/learning.”  As near as I can tell, instruction consists of demonstration, drill, and testing and teaching consists of interaction, collaboration, and deep understanding.  This is not a … Continue reading

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The Best Way to Factor Trinomials – A Practice CDF Program

I have created a Mathematica object that people can use to practice factoring trinomials the “best” way.  It is a CDF file (computable document file) and requires a CDF plug-in which can be found here.  Once you have the plug-in … Continue reading

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A Year of Nights of Wondering – V: Fluffy Number Edition

We were beginning a section on complex numbers in my intermediate algebra class when Karen Sheelar (Her name used with her permission and encouragement.) said, “Can’t we call them ‘fluffy’ numbers?”  What a good idea!  I have always disliked the … Continue reading

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