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Canceling – One Slash, Vee Slash, Big Slash

I had this incident in my class and I got to thinking – always a dangerous proposition. Here is my speculation:

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Jim’s Grading System for Algebra Classes

The grading system I use in algebra classes is fairly complicated.  Here is a prezi depiction of the scheme.  I will use the prezi next term when we go over the syllabus and post in on the class moodle site for … Continue reading

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I Was Good at Taking Tests

Part of our weekend entertainment included the movie Flight. It was gripping – both the pilot’s struggle with the airplane and with his alcoholism.  To quibble, I don’t see how a mechanical problem in the tail could cause loss of … Continue reading

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Cool Graphs on Spheres

A little while ago I published a post called Function Graphs in the Real Projective Plane. I thought the functions traced on the sphere had a pretty cool look like the image below. So…  You can go here and find three … Continue reading

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Wasting My Own Time

Yesterday I attended a lecture on “Happiness and the Greeks” by Dr. Christopher Bobonich.  As usual to prepare for an unknown hour I gathered together a crossword puzzle, some reading matter and some blank paper.  I have a low tolerance … Continue reading

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You Will Be Haunted

Last week I told my Precalculus class that they would be haunted, haunted by a common algebraic mistake.  A visual depiction can be found below. I almost never purposely put an incorrect statement in the notes.  I know that whatever … Continue reading

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