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A Year of Wondering VI: Serendipity – Too Rare

In the space of two days two different students in two different classes with two very different majors went out of their way to mention to me that the topic we just covered  was at the same time being applied … Continue reading

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Pythagorean Theorem – Cool Proof

I was taken with a “Proof Without Words” of Ptolemy’s Theorem by William Derrick and James Hirstein in an old(Nov 2012) edition of The College Mathematics Journal.  I had this vision of triangles expanding and rotating into place to form a … Continue reading

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Factoring Three Digit Numbers using Divisibility Tests

Revision to this post. November 20, 2014 I woke up last night and to try to go to back to sleep I started dividing numbers in my head by 23.  Found that I had missed a couple of multiples of … Continue reading

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