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When to Call an Equation an Equation

An IBM advertisement in the March 2011 Atlantic starts “A computer has no problem solving the following equation, in a few hundredths of a second:” Then this hand-scrawled expression: This is not an equation and therefore cannot be “solved.”  It … Continue reading

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I Did It Again

As you know if you have read this post, radical signs and I do not get along.  I am at the same point in the term and my students are again having trouble with simplifying .  The class didn’t go … Continue reading

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Fibonacci Gambling

I call going  to Nevada “visiting my money.”  Years ago every time I went there I played blackjack.  One year I rode my bicycle down Nevada’s US 97 staying in small towns and gambling at the local casinos.   I was … Continue reading

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A Year of Nights with Wondering – III

Solving Absolute Value Equalities and Inequalities We were working on solving absolute value equalities and inequalities.  A few days ago we went through the exercise I described in this post and now I was consistently and emphatically making connections to … Continue reading

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Feedback From the Real World – The fate of the p-value

“Image you are flipping a coin a 1000 times. You get 537 heads. The probability of getting this result or “worse” using a fair coin is one percent.   But you didn’t get 537 or worse, you got exactly 537 heads. … Continue reading

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