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How Could I Resist?

I am reading A Course on Quantum Techniques for Stochastic Mechanics by John C. Baez and Jacob D. Biamonte in bits and pieces as I have time.  I am finally lost.  This is my fault since I haven’t stopped to do the exercises, but … Continue reading

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Google Lied To Me

I sometimes noodle around on google while my students take their quizzes. Our current topic was quadratic functions so I did an image search on “parabola.” This is what I got. I am so offended.  I had been telling students … Continue reading

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How To Use Formulas: An Example

Consider the formula .  Knowing nothing about it except that it is an amalgamation of symbols and a number, we can still extract some information if we need to.  For instance we can attempt to solve for any of the … Continue reading

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