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Chasing Infinity – 3D Version

The frequency of my blog posts have been diminishing more and more, or should I say, the wave length has been getting longer.  I attribute this mostly to my accession as math department chair.  I just haven’t had the time … Continue reading

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Outcome Switching – What Golfers Know

Last Friday a rare event occurred at our golf course.  My foursome all sank long putts for birdies on the second hole.  What a great feeling and I could go on and on in detail but I won’t.  Anyway we get back … Continue reading

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The Future of Math Textbooks – Lower Division Variety

  Our department is looking at some open-source textbooks for our  statistics and precalculus classes.  This process elicited the following thoughts expressed in list form. Facts on the Ground. Modern textbooks from mainline publishers are very expensive, $200 and more. … Continue reading

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