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Proving Trigonometric Identities Using the Unit Circle – An Example

I tried to work up a complete example of how to prove a trigonometric identity using the unit circle.  The proof below could have more explanation.  Understanding it requires careful scrutiny.

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Tiger University

We know what a tiger mom is.  What would a tiger university be like?  It would be an institution of learning with high expectations and high challenge.  All students, faculty, and staff including administrators would be on-time or early to … Continue reading

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Function Graphs in the Real Projective Plane

This fall in our Mathematical Perspectives class I lectured on function graphs in the real projective plane .  I was inspired by a graph found on page 43 of A Guide to Plane Algebraic Curves by Keith Kendig.  Staring at Infinity … Continue reading

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I Love a Fire

I love a fire.  Because I know how to build a fire, tend a fire, maintain a fire, I will never be cold.  When I built my stone house I built a massive fireplace.  In the winter I would sleep … Continue reading

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An Open Office Door

I alluded slightly to the educational needs of introverts in an earlier post.  Here is a so satisfying TED talk by Susan Cain on the state of the introverted individual in today’s society.  I am now reading her book Quiet. Check … Continue reading

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Deriving the Quadratic Formula – A Subtlety

I ask my intermediate algebra students to derive the quadratic formula on their last test and on the final.  This requirement has the same utility as asking a literature student to memorize a poem.  It can’t be done without some … Continue reading

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