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There exists a new type of math course whose main intent is to  prepare students for success in a college-level elementary statisics class.  It is possible to find out all about this course somewhere on the web, I am sure, … Continue reading

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I Learn to Fold Evenly

The article “Why do Automobile Sunshades Fold Oddly?” by Curtis Feist and Ramin Naimi won the George Pólya award for expository writing in The College of Mathematics Journal for the year 2010.  You can access the article here.  Dr. Feist … Continue reading

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Does Teaching Get Harder over Time?

Does teaching get harder over time?  I am gonna say yes.  Not because I am getting older over time.  Of course I am, but because students’ brains now are different than students’ brains then – when I started teaching.  This … Continue reading

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