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Thinking with Units

I sign up at the golf course as a single and am paired with a couple of strangers.  On the second tee the inevitable question arises, “What do you do?”  I return, “I teach math at the university,” expecting to hear, … Continue reading

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Making Myself Sad

Written this morning. I am making myself sad today.  Giving a test.  While they take it instead of catching up on my reports, I am exploring a list of topics (it goes without saying) on the internet.  Most were from … Continue reading

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Too Old for This?

I was going over a written assignment: “Using a calculator, graph f(x)=(x-1)(x-2) and g(x) = |(x-1)(x-2)|.  Describe and explain the difference.”  Several students said there was no difference and produced these graphs copied from their calculators. To demonstrate the error of their … Continue reading

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