Math Makes Me Happy

I wrote previously about how I love math and it makes me sad.  This article, Physics, Logic, Topology and Computation: A Rosetta Stone by John C. Baez and Mike Stay makes me very happy especially the table on page 66 and all the neat graphs and braids.  Now math people, very bright math people, are using the generalizing power of mathematics to see patterns across other fields.  This is just so cool.  As usual I lack the background and the capacity much less the time to make much of the details of the article and that makes me sad.


About jrh794

I am a sixty-five year old math instructor at Southern Oregon University. I taught at the College of the Siskiyous in Weed California for twenty-six years. Prior to that I worked as a computer programmer, carpenter and in various other jobs. I graduated from Rice University in 1967 and have a MS in Operations Research from Stanford. In the past I have hand-built a stone house and taken long solo bicycle tours. Now I ride my mountain bike and play golf for recreation.
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